Bürgi Bonanomi Elisabeth

Dr Elisabeth Bürgi Bonanomi
+41 31 631 32 70
  • (Agricultural) Trade Regulation and Sustainable Development
  • International Economic Law and Human Rights
  • Human Rights Impact Assessments of Trade Agreements
  • International Sustainable Development Law
  • International Financial Regulation and Development
  • Policy Coherence Theory
  • Multilayered Land Governance Theory

Elisabeth Bürgi Bonanomi holds a PhD in international sustainable development and trade law. She works at both the WTI and the Centre for Development and Environment (CDE) of the University of Bern as a lecturer, senior research scientist and consultant in the fields mentioned above. She is also in charge of establishing inter-disciplinary research cooperation between the WTI and CDE.


Previously, she practised as a lawyer in the public economy department of the Canton of Bern, where she was in charge of adjudication and legislation in the field of agriculture and environmental law. Besides her law degree, she holds a bachelor's degree in history and Spanish literature. Elisabeth Bürgi is married and the mother of Silvan and Luz.


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II-WP6, Impact Assessment
II-6.6, Legal dimension of trade and ...