Diaz Monica

Monica Diaz
  • Sustainable Development
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Fair Trade

Monica is a business lawyer with a background in international trade and sustainable development. She joined the WTI in 2015 in the role of Fellow to support the MILE programme that she herself completed in 2013.


She holds down her job in the WTI in parallel to her entrepreneurship endeavours.  Feeling very strongly about the link between trade and development, Monica leads initiatives in developing countries to boost businesses’ competitiveness and sustainability engagement, and to facilitate fair-trade opportunities in international markets. 


Her professional law studies  were completed with honours in Colombia and endorsed in Europe. Besides an MA in International Law and Economics (Magna Cum Laude), Monica holds an MA in Development Studies and Public Policy from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. Additionally, she has pursued courses in business, sustainability, and project management at the ETH Zurich.


Monica has over nine years of professional experience in legal, CSR and policy advisory support. In the legal field, Monica’s technical expertise embraces international trade, IP, FDI and competition.  In CSR, her major strength is the social pillar of sustainability, including subjects such as consumer affairs, fair operating practices, human rights, labour practices, and community development.


Her languages are Spanish, English and German.


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