Glover Jin

Jin Glover
World Trade Institute
+41 31 631 36 28
  • MILE Programme Director

Jin joined the World Trade Institute in 2011 as a MILE Fellow and was responsible for providing academic and administrative support to MILE faculty and students. In 2013, she was awarded the position of Programme Director and now oversees and manages the MILE programme. Jin is responsible for coordinating over 50 faculty members each year, is part of the student selection committee and contributes to the strategic planning of MILE through curriculum drafting, faculty selection and shaping the overall future programme direction. She plays an intermediary role between the Deputy Managing Director, MILE faculty, MILE students and MILE alumni. She is also charged with the development, management and day to day operations of the MILE programme and serves as liaison with the WTI’s internal and external networks. She works closely with the Communications team in the areas of alumni networking and MILE relevant event planning, with the External Relations and Academic Programmes department and with the English Language Support team.  


Jin contributes to the success of the MILE students though management and close monitoring to ensure they perform to the WTI’s academic expectations. She provides support to contribute to their professional and personal development and organises a wide array of social events so that students expand their social networks and enjoy every moment of their MILE experience and short stay at the WTI and in Switzerland.


Jin holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies (HBA) from Glendon College, York University in Toronto and is currently engaged in postgraduate studies at the University of Bern’s law faculty focusing on International Trade Regulation.