Mettler Melanie

Dr Melanie Mettler
  • Academic writing and academic integrity
  • Argument structure and critical analysis
  • General research skills and coaching

Dr Melanie Mettler offers training, editing and coaching in academic writing in English to PhD students at the WTI/NCCR, students of the MILE and researchers. She offers individual support strategies to identify difficulties in writing and provides resources and materials to improve academic English skills. Proofreading portions of chapters is as much part of her work as supporting writers in establishing the logic of an argument, improving structure or practising self-editing skills and the use of resources. The specific needs of clients are assessed during a personal consultation. She regularly offers workshops and courses on specific issues in the MILE and the graduate programmes, as well as external clients.


Melanie graduated from the University of Bern with a degree in English Literature, Philosophy and English Linguistics as well as from the graduate programme at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Gender Studies. Funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, she wrote a doctoral thesis with the title The Cosmopolitan Mode: Negotiating Conflict and Reconciliation in Contemporary British Asian Novels, where she developed a method of critical reading.


Melanie is currently a member of the City of Bern parliament and a member of the Committee for Regional Relations. She is a founding member of an initiative for the advancement of solar power and a member of the board at Dampfzentrale Bern and Helvezin. To balance her busy life, she is training to be a Shiatsu therapist.