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Technology and the Law of International Trade Regulat ...

Book chapter by Thomas Cottier in Oxford Handbook of Law, Regulation and Technology, edited by Edited by Roger Brownsword, Eloise Scotford, and Karen Yeung

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01 Mar 2017
Designing Future-Oriented Multilateral Rules for Digi ...

Book chapter by Mira Burri in Research Handbook on Trade in Services, edited by P. Sauvé and M. Roy

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30 Sep 2016
Die Reform der Datenschutzgesetzgebung der Europäisch ...

Journal article by Mira Burri and Rahel Schär in Zeitschrift für Europarecht, 18(4), pp. 100-113

journal articles
15 Jun 2016
The Reform of the EU Data Protection Framework: Outli ...

Journal article by Mira Burri and Rahel Schär in Journal of Information Policy, Vol. 6 (2016), pp. 479-511

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11 Jun 2016
International Regulation of Emerging Technologies: Gl ...

NCCR Working Paper No. 2016/6 | May 2016 by Dannie Jost

working papers
30 May 2016